What Is A Typical Hong Kong Massage?

No matter what anyone tells you, HK massage parlors are not all the same. In fact, one can argue there are more alternatives here than anywhere in the world. Hong Kong island boasts thousands of certified massage therapists offering their services. Some services and rates to expect are listed below.

What Do HK Massages cost?

Amartine Spa charges 750-900 HKD for it’s line of body massages. Swedish massage, aroma-scented therapy, and their “candlelight” massage. (A nice place to send the wife while you’re enjoying your massage!)

The Four Seasons Hotel spa will ask for 1200-1600 HKD for it’s offerings. Their Lomi Lomi and Chakra hot oil massage treatments are certainly priced at a premium.

Hong Kong Massage Parlor

What Can I Expect In A Hong Kong Massage Parlor?

Perhaps the most asked question from newcomers is what to expect inside the parlors. Believe me, no amount of research can replace dozens of trials until you get used to the unique environment inside. Here is a scene from a classic therapeutic massage center in Hong Kong:

The massage environment will instantly relax you. Sooth you into forgetting about any worries or stress you had when you walked in. The music, the ambiance, and the setting are designed to bring you into a trance state, in which your cares will melt away and you will feel your most relaxed. Once a masseuse is chosen (the hostess will direct this, with your approval), you’ll be escorted into a private massage room, where you’ll be given basic instructions. You will completely disrobe, and lie on your back with your head on a pillow. After that, you’ll be covered only with a small massage towel, and the massage will begin.

The lights will be slightly dimmed, the tantric music adjusted. Your massage therapist will begin by further relaxing you, and make you feel totally at ease and ready to melt into the massage table. The therapy is now ready to begin.

What About A Hong Kong Sensual Massage?

Once your massage therapy is underway, the traditional therapists will focus on your muscle regions and stiffness. They will use techniques of touch and breathing rhythms which allow them to cure any soreness or tightness, and eventually leave you feeling more healthy and flexible. Providing relaxation is the primary objective with most traditional massage therapists.

The sensual masseuse will not concern herself with muscle groups or massage school teachings. Instead, she relies on her instincts and experience to pamper your “erogenous” zones – areas of your body which store sexual energy and release power when stimulated. Through the use of hot oils and expert strokes, the girl will expertly caress several areas of your body normally focusing on your head and neck, working over your nipples playfully, and with long strokes toward your midsection, both from the abdomen and up from the legs. Only after you feel her fingers crossing under the towel will you discover the real skill of these girls, and why so many men travel to HK for it’s massage delights.