ATTENTION: MEN in Hong Kong !

FINALLY, some FACTS about Hong Kong happy ending massage parlours.

Should you trust those “Tantric Massage” websites?

Do you believe the girls pictured are the same ones you’ll meet?

Is it easy for foreigner visitors to find quality sensual massages in Hong Kong?

The answer to all of these questions is NO, which I’m sure you’ve already learned by now. And believe me, I get it. My name is Matthew Harbaugh, and ever since first coming to Hong Kong, the massage scene here has fascinated me. Nowhere else on earth can you find such touristy ripoffs, right next door to such fantastic pleasure dens that I’m sure you can see clearly in your imagination now. Let’s just say the massage scene in Hong Kong is as dynamic as ever – THAT much hasn’t changed!

HK massage raid

UNHAPPY ENDING: Hong Kong parlour raid victim.

Newcomers to Hong Kong often have the same questions when it comes to massage services. What’s the deal with the Japanese-style night clubs? Is there truth to the rumors of parlor raids targeting foreigners? How can I find a decent erotic massage and how much should I expect to pay? And of course the question that every HK newcomer has:

Are The Massage Girls Pictured On Hong Kong Websites REAL?

Let me clear this one up right away. Hong Kong agencies are known throughout the WORLD for “bait & switch” mastery – this goes for escort agencies, model companions, and you guessed it, massage parlours. It’s best to ignore HK agency website pictures entirely – 99% are fake and purposely try to mislead newcomers.

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hk massage guide

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Updated December 2013

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