Massages in Hong Kong

Hong Kong massage parlours are a fascinating topic. Ask 100 people, you’ll get 100 different opinions. Ask local experts though, and you’ll discover there is much more to Hong Kong massages than you’ve ever imagined.

Hong Kong Massage Center provides both Swedish and Thai massage.

Whether you’re into Shiatsu, Thai, or one of the famous Hong Kong happy ending massages, you’re in for some surprises. And don’t let the taxi drivers fool you – there are still PLENTY of great options for the choosy traveler. And some GOOD news – you’re about to finally discover the insider secrets of Hong Kong massage parlours that will put an end to wasting your time researching & overpaying for tourist massages. So whichever massage type you’re after, be sure to do your homework, and always remember to stay SAFE in Hong Kong.

History of Hong Kong Massages

The history of massage in the HK region goes back thousands of years, all the way to the Shang Dynasty. Massage is deeply intertwined with Chinese medicine itself, and the first famous practitioner was Bian Que. Que was a doctor who, as the story goes, healed a dieing prince, and thrust massage into the accepted forms of healing in Chinese medical history. Even going back hundreds of years, practitioners shared texts on established hand and foot massage practices and technicalities!

Modern Thai massage studio in Hong Kong.

Today’s massage therapy clients aren’t interested in a history lesson, though. It’s all about quality, variety, and the end result. From the luxurious HK massage spa resorts to the shopping district massage parlors that provide no-nonsense rubdowns on the fast-paced Hong Kong Island, there’s simply no place better to be if you’re in need of a quality massage! In case you’re unsure of which particular style of massage fits your needs, here are the basics of several available types.

The Modern Hong Kong Massage Spa

Modern spas in Hong Kong are in high demand these days. Tourists and business travelers alike seek out the relaxing atmosphere and therapeutic options found in the large spa hotels. Those seeking a Hong Kong spa or sauna have only one challenge – choosing one! Amenities in the larger facilities often include dry or Finish saunas, hot baths, relaxation areas, and of course a staff of trained certified therapists.

Hong Kong Airport Massage Options

The Oriental Massage Centre in the Hong Kong International Airport is constantly busy, with commuters seeking a head or foot massage while waiting for flights. Of course, those able to venture into areas of Hong Kong itself have much more selection and massage parlor options awaiting.

Couples massage have become popular in recent years.

Swedish Massage

Massages in HK aren’t all eastern in origin. Many clients today prefer the relaxing Swedish massage style. In a typical Swedish massage session, the therapists will go through a relaxation stage by applying oil to the client’s body. The therapy itself consists of long strokes along major muscle groups, the back, and limbs, and is proven to relieve a tired body. An excellent choice for the physically tired, a Swedish massage is often preferred after a long day of site seeing or shopping, or perhaps just after a long day at the office.

Thai Massage

Many Thai massage therapists have also found a place in Hong Kong, and it’s quickly becoming the preferred choice for many. During a Thai session, the therapists enters into a cooperation with the client, first diagnosing blocked energy points and tight areas, and then proceeds to relieve them. The Thai massage consists of pressure applied to meridians (similar to Shiatsu), but also involves stretching. The overall result is often a feeling of balance, restored energy, and released stress.

Happy Ending Massages in Hong Kong

No massage discussion would be complete without at least mentioning the sensual variety! In fact many visitors first questions are about Hong Kong professional girls. Since brothels are illegal in HK, many choose to visit the “Japanese style night clubs” which are massage venues offering special massages for men.

For massage enthusiasts, there’s simply nothing better than Hong Kong. Enjoy a Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, or Reflexology experience in parlors or even in the comfort of your hotel room. With a bustling business district and thousands of tourists each month, it’s no wonder that the massage industry in Hong Kong has blossomed into one of the world’s finest. One final word of advice – if you have trouble deciding on which massage in Hong Kong to choose, you can always try one of each!

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